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The Easiest, Most Powerful Way To Relax and Extend Life

The Easiest, Most Powerful Way To Relax and Extend Life

You Can Do This Anytime, Anywhere

I find it hard to sit still and meditate, like the influencers all say we should do. You see, I have undiagnosed ADD (meaning I don’t even have the attention span to get a “diagnosis”).

So, yeah, it can be a challenge to sit and do nothing. I usually have to add a breathing exercise or a visualization to keep my mind from falling back into the shark-infested waters of egoic thinking.

And sometimes we simply don’t have the right moment to meditate, as life brings us all sorts of distractions and challenges.

That’s why I’m excited to share a super-easy practice that’s not only a meditation, but has all kinds of fringe benefits aside from relaxation.

It’s something you can do anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is put your lips together.

The “Two-Lips” Meditation — more powerful than you’d ever imagine. Here’s why…

We’re not just putting our two lips together, which many people do all the time. We’re focusing on the plane of contact where the two lips meet. It isn’t the upper lip, it isn’t the lower lip, it’s a new plane entirely where the two lips meet.

Notice how the lips keep each other warm, how they are soft and smooth. With mouth closed, feel the air gently coming in and out of your nostrils. Notice how the air cools your nostrils when you inhale, and warms them as you exhale.

Keeping your lips together has all sorts of unexpected benefits…

  • Worried mind? Come back to the contact of your two lips touching. Worries of past of future fade out, while the bliss of the present moment fades in…
  • Junk-food craving? Put those lips together, you’ll have a hard time eating toxic foods with a closed mouth.
  • Tempted to say something a bit harsh to someone? Let those lips meet, and later on (after the heat of the moment) you’ll have much kinder and more effective words to say. Your closed lips just saved a relationship!
  • Dry mouth? Touch those lips. This causes you to breathe through your nose which warms, lubricates and filters the air, like serving oxygen on a silver platter for your lungs.
  • And honestly, mouth breathing causes all kinds of issues, which the Two Lips Meditation solves, as it forces nasal breathing. This extends life.
  • Do you sometimes find yourself in awkward social situations? It’s amazing the effect that quiet confidence has on others. All it takes is the Two Lips Meditation, a slight smile, and your golden around people. That’s because others assume quiet people are smarter. And when quiet people do speak, everyone listens. You can thank your closed lips later.
  • Want to add a little sex appeal? Many people smile with too much teeth, which can look a bit cheesy. Using the Two Lips Meditation, you get a closed mouth smile. Add a slight curl to your lips, which warms your face and highlights the cheekbones, and you get a mysterious and even sexy look. Celebrities use this all the time. It’s a friendly sort of self-confidence.
  • Nasal breathing, which the Two Lips Meditation forces, carries more oxygen to your cells which is perfect for athletes who want more energy and stamina. Getting more oxygen to your cells also boosts longevity.
  • Or, perhaps you do want to elevate your frequency to reach higher states of consciousness. The Two Lips Meditation is the perfect way to start, as even advanced yogis advise closing your mouth and breathing through your nose while meditating.

So, while you may not be ready for your journey up the Himalayan mountains, you’ll have a great start and something you can do whether relaxing at home or in the midst of life’s most chaotic moments.

Want to feel more together? Just put your lips together… ?