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The Most Powerful “Fountain of Youth” You Never Heard Of

The Most Powerful “Fountain of Youth” You Never Heard Of

This Could Become as Big as Yoga

For many of us, staying “healthy” means exercise and nutrition, or maybe mindfulness and meditation. Yet, you can do all that and still miss a vital aspect of health: how energy flows through you.

You see, energy is more than just a state of being, it’s a “thing.” It either flows through you like a river, or it barely trickles like a blocked stream.

And how it flows through you makes all the difference.

Imagine a light bulb… The bulb can be made well with the all the right materials, but without consistent energy flowing into the bulb, it’s useless.

What’s worse, sporadic energy can make the bulb flicker, giving us a headache. Or, if there’s too much energy … the bulb could get overwhelmed and explode.

What we need — beyond exercise and nutrition — is good energy.

In short: we need a way to harness our life force energy.

But first, let’s take a closer look at “auras.“

Are auras real? The typical human eye can’t see them, but scientists confirm they’re as real as gravity.

The scientific term for the aura is a bioelectricmagnetic field… But we’ll stick with “aura,” as nobody wants such a mouthful to describe the perfectly natural energy field surrounding us (and all of life).

In fact, every organ in your body has its own aura. For example, scientists found the energy field of the heart can be measured three feet away from the body, that’s 100 times more powerful than the magnetic field of the brain! (Romantics: take note, the heart is truly more powerful than the head!)

So, what some consider New Age fufu is actually scientific fact:

We all have an energetic force field that flows around and through us. The quality of this field makes all the difference in our core health.

If you think we’re going full-on Star Wars here — like Jedi’s discussing the Force — well, we are.

Turns out George Lucas was inspired by an ancient oriental healing and longevity practice for his vision of the force.

“The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.” — Obi-Wan

So what’s this practice that teaches us how to cultivate the “force” in and around us?

The answer is Qigong, which translates to the cultivation of life force energy.

Qi (or “chi,” pronounced chee) means life force energy. So Yoda might say, “Luke, use the Qi…”

And Gong means “to cultivate.” So Qigong means the cultivation of life force energy.

Side note: Tai Chi is one of the many styles of Qigong.

If your energy is tangled, no matter how muscular you are, or how nutritious your diet, you won’t feel completely healthy … just like a light bulb with weak power.

So, how do we smooth out this force field surrounding us and flowing through us? How do we cultivate this energy to feel vibrant and healthy?

For the masters who created Qigong thousands of years ago, the answer lies in Mother Nature. ?

They believe the ways of nature, from how clouds glide across the sky to how animals walk the earth, is the key to directing and harnessing our own energy.

For example, Qigong’s “Tiger Form” imitates the movements and characteristics of the fierce feline, while focusing on enervating specific organs — in this case the lungs.

Qigong helps us to move the way nature moves, smoothing out our energy and opening the energetic “meridians” of the body.

Meridians are the channels through which energy passes in our body. When they are blocked, our energy is blocked too. Qigong opens the meridians, just like acupuncture, but less invasive (and for many, more powerful).

The goal is to get the energy flowing through and around us smoothly, not like a trickling stream but like a flowing river glistening under a full sun.

Qigong get the energy flowing like a “fountain of youth” through us… In fact, the man reported to have been the eldest person to ever live practiced Qigong.

Restoring My Energy to “Childlike” Levels

I enjoyed the benefits of Yoga for years, and have always been pretty active, but it wasn’t enough…

Even though I knew about Qigong for years, I never fully dived in… That was until the darkest part of the pandemic, then I discovered how powerful the practice really is.

During those lockdown days, nothing was completely setting my mind and body free from stress. It was a time we didn’t know yet if society would completely collapse, and we were being kept away from each other.

By serendipity, I stumbled upon a video of a woman teaching Qigong in a park. Her graceful yet confident movements captivated me. I found they weren’t difficult to learn … just took some patience to get into a state of energetic unity.

From there, my energy levels rose, and so did my mental and physical well-being — like brilliant, golden energy flowing into a lightbulb…

Within a few months, my passion with words reignited and I started writing again. I have Qigong to thank for the words I write now.

The practice made such a shift for me, I was inspired to share it to others, as few people have heard of Qigong compared to Yoga or even Pilates.

I found Qigong more energizing on a primal level, and even more fulfilling and fun, than other fitness routines.

Signup for a Free Beginners’ Qigong Course

A woman in silk practicing qigong outside.
A free intro course to qigong from

To give back, I started a website for beginners to get their energy flowing smoothly. It’s called Club Qigong and there’s an intro course covering 8 basic yet powerful forms.

Get the course, “8 Silky Moves” — downloaded instantly instant here.

Here’s to your wellness journey! And staying forever young at heart. ❤️‍?

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