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The Most Powerful Herb You Never Heard Of

The Most Powerful Herb You Never Heard Of

I Took Ashwagandha For One Year, Here’s What Happened

I trust real-life experience over packaged advice. I also know how to deep-dive a subject like the journalist I was trained to be.

All trails led me to what some call the most revered herb on the planet: Indian Ginseng, or Ashwagandha.

To the untrained eye, it’s just an evergreen shrub in the nightshade family that grows in India, the Middle East, and parts of Africa (aka the cradle of civilization).

But to those in the know, the herb is an “adaptogen,” a fancy term for a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and balance bodily functions.

The duel-nature aspect is what I find fascinating about this herb: If I am tired it will give me a robust energy. But if I’m over-stimulated or stressed, it calms me down. It adapts to whatever situation I’m in.

My findings as a Guinea Pig

I took the herb in root form as a capsule every morning for a year, and continue to do so today (just ordered more before I wrote this).

My findings:

  1. It boosts my immunity (the main reason I use it) giving me an abundance of what I can only describe as a sturdy constitution.
  2. It seems to speed healing, from illnesses to skin and mouth wounds and keep my skin shiny.
  3. I took extra Ashwagandha when I went through each shot of the vaccine, and the shots didn’t hinder me as much as others. I felt them, but the herb seemed to lift me out of any side-effects pretty swiftly. I never took a day off of work.
  4. The big surprise of this treasured herb is the “happy” effect, as I describe my discovery below…

A Surprising, Profound Mental Boost

In the deepest darkest part of the early pandemic, I was laying in bed a bit depressed about the state of things. I got up and opened a capsule of the herb and poured the ground herb into my mouth raw…

I laid back down and literally within minutes toxic thoughts began to dissipate. An overall sense of well-being came upon me. I knew all was going to be okay and remembered to be grateful to God for the lessons being learned.

I even got up soon and began being productive.

Nothing else had changed except taking the Ashwagandha, which kicked in fast because I poured the raw powder into my mouth where it goes into the bloodstream quickly. When I just swallow the capsule, the effects arrive in about 45 minutes.

My wife takes the capsule with water like normal people, but I actually don’t mind the bitter taste. It’s not going to be the next flavor at Starbucks or anything. It’s better than dirt but in the same family.

Puts Your Feet Back on the Ground

Speaking of dirt, that’s another thing about this herb, it’s very grounding. As a writer I often find myself getting uncentered and my thoughts scattered. This herb seems to bring back focus and even the determination of a horse.

In fact, the name “ashwagandha” is a combination of the Sanskrit words ‘ashva’ (horse) and ‘gandha’ meaning scent. So while some say that reflects the root’s horse-like odor, I more see it as bestowing the power of a horse on a long journey, like a soul journey.

What About Side Effects?

I personally haven’t experienced any side effects except that I don’t take it past 6 pm because it might keep me up too late. Other people actually take it for sleep, so it depends on your nature. But I’m a person who can’t even drink coffee, so I have to be careful with anything that the bestows energy, even apples!

Of course, ashwagandha isn’t for everyone, for example those with grass allergies or auto-immune conditions. Check with your healthcare provider as needed.

Where I Discovered This

There were few humans in history who experienced and documented the inner workings of our minds, bodies and spirits more than the yogis of India.

Those yogis developed the oldest healing system on the planet known as Ayurveda. During a time when there were no devices to distract them, they closed their eyes and travelled the cosmos by going within.

Of the multitude of herbs tested and documented by Ayurvedic doctors, Ashwagandha is considered among the most powerful, and one of the most recommended.

Is there a trusted source?

Research and testing led me to a well-established and trusted brand I continue to use, listed with other lucky-finds here.

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