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The Most Powerful One-Minute Routine You Never Heard Of

The Most Powerful One-Minute Routine You Never Heard Of

And You Don’t Even Need Discipline

We’re always hearing how precious those morning hours are. Apple’s own Tim Cook recently said he wakes at 4 am as those early morning hours belong to you.

“Things happen through the day that kind of blow you off course. The morning is yours. Or should I say, the early morning is yours.” — Tim Cook

No, we’re not gonna tell you to wake up at 4 am

We’re not even going to tell you what to start your day with (though I could just throw in pretty easily here: “room-temperature water with fresh squeezed lemon juice”).

But you clicked on this story for the promise of rocking out your day with only a one-minute routine. And I shall deliver.

It sounds too good to be true, like that “4-hour work week” we heard so much about it while back. (Update, the guy who invented that decided it’s better to work more than four hours a week).

This requires no discipline, but perhaps reminders

There’s no special skills, training or willpower required to do this, yet it has profound effects.

Do you know how they say a wet picture is worth 1000 words? Well, a pose could be worth 10,000. Because psychologists have realized when the body assumes certain poses, our mind and attitudes are affected on a deep level.

“We can change our own body chemistry for the better simply by changing body positions. Standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident, affects testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success.”
Amy Cuddy

Harvard Business School professor and author Amy Cuddy says power-posing can be more powerful the verbal affirmations.

Power-posing is like a life hack that let’s you bypass the mind and all it’s complexity, and claim your power in the moment.

The mind is first subdued by the pose, and then strengthened by the body’s stance. It’s kind of like how we breath can affect also mind-body functions.

“Body-mind approaches such as power posing rely on the body, which has a more primitive and direct link to the mind, to tell you you’re confident,” Cuddy explains.

Now You Know the Science, have you figured it out?

Hint: the answer is in the picture for this story.

The amazing life-changing routine that I use every morning when I first wake up is to do the “victory pose.”

You simply stand and lift your arms in a V shape, stretching them out but not beyond comfort. I found looking up is helpful as well. I also usually add a prayer of gratitude (takes it cosmic).

Picture it, what does a marathon runner do when they win? What do referees when the football goes successfully through the goal posts? What has humankind done after winning anything since first walking upright?

The Victory Pose sets your body off the first thing with a charge of confidence, energy and drive:

Priscilla Du Preez

And It’s Not Just For Waking Up

The Victory Pose can be performed before an adventure, an important meeting, job interview or anytime you just want to have a primal boost of confidence.

Scientists have shown this pose produces chemicals in your bloodstream that encourage a feeling of winning.

We been doing this pose when victorious since first walking upright. From splitting our first coconut to winning a marathon, this is the stance of winning.

If affects our entire essence, or “aura,” and as our expert above mentioned, can actually increase your chances of real success.

I hope this helps you as it has me.

ps: after I do the Victory Pose, on special days I follow-up with a mess-free Cacao Ceremony (great excuse to eat unprocessed chocolate!).