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The Newest Trend in Online Dating: Posting Unflattering Pics

The Newest Trend in Online Dating: Posting Unflattering Pics

Reverse Catfishing Creates a “Pleasant Surprise”

In the wild world of online dating, many say that people don’t show their true selves but rather use filtered pictures —often edited to extremes — to seem more attractive than they are.

People are so fed up with this, there’s a reverse trend building…

“I was at a festival, in the rain, no makeup on, with the hood of my waterproof jacket up. I looked so ugly,” a woman named Serena said, describing the story behind a picture she posted on a dating app.

But why would she post an ugly photo on a dating app?

Most of us have heard of “catfishing,” when someone presents themselves as being “better” online than they are in real life. The person may use all kinds of filters, or in extreme cases, someone else’s picture entirely.

They may score that initial date, but it often falls apart when the other person sees their date is a far cry from their profile picture.

Catfishing is just another form of dishonesty — just asking for trouble.

But what if you reversed this? What if your date was pleasantly surprised when you appeared better than your online profile?

Or, would you never even get the date?

A writer named Serena said some are taking that risk… She explained that people are “presenting themselves as ‘worse’ than they are in real life, supposedly to ‘pleasantly surprise’ their date when they actually meet up… It’s a trend which has been dubbed ‘reverse catfishing’.”

James, a 23-year-old single man, said he wants to show all different sides of himself to prospective dates. “So, I have some serious ones, where I’m smiling or doing a hobby, then a few silly ones — like pictures of me dancing, or pictures of me pulling a stupid face… I’m trying to attract someone who doesn’t take anything too seriously, especially on social media.”

This is a reversal of the previous trend of showing yourself in fabulous destinations, next to expensive cars, or dressed to the nines.

Now, people want to experience a thrill when they actually meet.

Katie, the woman in our top picture, actually looks like this when she wants to.

Here’s how Katie Lacie (featured at the top) actually looks in her video.

Chrissy commented, “If they can’t handle you at your diddliest then they don’t deserve you at your doodliest! ?”

Katie summarized it, “I’d rather them be pleasantly surprised than expect a supermodel lol.”

Women aren’t the only ones doing it. A commenter named Hilary said, “This happened to me before! Showed up on a date and he was 30–40 lbs lighter and dressed sharp.”

In the end, more and more people are realizing virtual living can be inauthentic. So, they’re taking measures into their own hands, making sure the real fun happens in person, not in pixels.

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