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The Only Way to Break Up with a Girl

The Only Way to Break Up with a Girl

According to the Greek Philosopher, Ovid

Don’t send her a long Dear John text… Nobody wants it.

And don’t even try the, “It’s not you, it’s me” line.

Don’t disappear like a ghost, howling in the moonlight of broken dreams. Ghosts are actually the worst, as they leave people hanging on, wondering what they did “wrong.” Super-bad karma for the ghoster!

And don’t act like a dick telling her why you’re disappointed. Nobody needs to hear your laundry list of grievances that occurred from too many expectations. Plus, those are your problems, not hers.

And don’t hook up with another woman and then make up a fake excuse. “I found someone who listens to me.” That’s mean and cruel.

The only compassionate way to be apart from someone doesn’t involve hurting their feelings…

First, you must know a woman’s worth. What is it? Priceless, of course.

But how can we ever part with someone who is beyond all material measure?

Because sometimes the stars and cards and our “guides” say the relationship must end. When that happens, there’s really only one way to end it:

Get her to break up with you.

It’s the only safe way move on (without hurting feelings). Sure, you might look a little awkward in the process, but it’s a small price to pay for protecting her heart.

And it’s not just for compassion you’re protecting her heart, it’s for your own survival, bacause this is fact: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Let’s not even go there…

So how to get a woman to dump you? There are lots of ways to reverse attraction, but there’s one thing that will turn her off more than anything.

In fact, I was dumped by my first true love for this very reason. Proceed to Part II of this relationship primer:

? Never Do This With a Woman (Unless You Want Her to Dump You)

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