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These Six Sounds Can Reverse Your Age, say Scientists

These Six Sounds Can Reverse Your Age, say Scientists

Each Sound Heals a Specific Organ

Sound can heal us, scientists confirm. This was already widely known in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), where doctors developed certain sounds to target specific organs.

A practice called the 6 Healing Sounds (SHS) in Qigong has been studied and shown to help transform stress and negative emotions into vital life-force energy (“good chi”) throughout our body’s electromagnetic field.

Where did the 6 Healing Sounds Come From?

The “Record of Longevity and Nourishing Life,” was written by Doctor Tao Hongjing, who was also an alchemist and astrologer, where he compiled the sounds around 500 CE.

Over the centuries, the Six Healing Sounds went through enhancements by Taoists, monks and even China’s “King of Medicine,” Sun Simiao.

There are some slight variations in the sounds, according to different sources, but I compiled the most commonly used ones here, from trusted masters.

The “Magic” of Healing with Sound

Our life-force energy — chi — can get blocked from a bad diet, stagnant lifestyle or repressed emotions, causing pain or illness (according to TCM).

For example, if chi is stuck in the spleen, bloating, abdominal pain and poor digestion can result. In the liver, bad chi might be felt as pain in the lower right rib cage or having a quick temper (anger causes liver disease, according to TCM). Headaches can arise if stagnant chi is stuck in the head.

The 6 Healing Sounds move stuck chi using specific internal vibrations of your vocal cords, which massage your organs with healing frequencies to expel stagnant chi, allow in fresh energy.

TCM focuses on five of our major organs: the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys. Each are assigned an element (fire, earth, metal, water or wood), a sound, a color, and even a season.

By using the healing sounds, chi that’s congested is ejected from affected organs to allow space for renewed clear chi.

What are the 6 Healing Sounds in Qigong?

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