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Things About Men that Annoy Women

Things About Men that Annoy Women

Avoid This Stuff to Keep Your Woman Happier

Throughout time, women have been annoyed that men don’t have a monthly cycle, or ever have to grow a new human in their body.

But there’s more “active” ways men annoy women, too. As a guy, I have to admit most of us are clueless to these, which is why I put this together.

Men need to know how they’re annoying their women, so they can stop and start doing what they love instead.

So, let’s explore some funny and startling way guys accidentally piss off their gals…

When Men are Never “Wrong”

One of the greatest annoyances to women is an inflated male ego. Women hate it when a guy thinks he knows it all, when he wants to explain things until the cows come home, and when he doesn’t need directions even though he’s obviously lost.

Women also hate it when men offer frequent driving and parking advice. Check it out, bros: even if your advice could save her life, if you overdo it she might kill you first.

On the other hand, women do like a guy who is intelligent, but in a seasoned, understated way.

When Men Go Into “Dumb Mode”

Men have a self defense mechanism to avoid mental overload: “dumb mode.” Dudes, this is when you can rest a hand in your pants, blissfully ignorant of all worries.

Anyway, sometimes a guy has a tough work day, or dealt with some some personal blows and just needs to kick back and do nothing.

There’s another way to describe this: meditation.

In fact, there’s an old Zen saying: “Stop thinking and your problems disappear.”

So, don’t fret if a dude suddenly “zones” out, he’s either recharging his mental batteries or about to achieve enlightenment. Either way, he’s best left alone during this time.

When Long Lashes and Nails Are Wasted On Men

There isn’t much we guys can do about this one, but it’s good to be aware of it. The fact is, a lot of women struggle to get long nails or lashes, like my wife.

She spends a lot of time painting them, chiseling them, biting them, then putting fake nails on top of the stubs… Meanwhile I don’t do much except cut the things when they get too long.

She’s annoyed (in a joking way) that my nails can grow too long, and that I inherited long lashes from my mom. Guys don’t seek long lashes or nails, so it seems unfair to her.

She also thinks I might find her nails unattractive, but I don’t really notice. Most men don’t pay much mind to stuff like that. Women do, though.

Men Only Need Five Minutes to Get Ready

For whatever reason, social conditioning hasn’t required men to apply make-up, have ultra-stylish hair, or wear clothes that are both creative yet in-style.

Guys can throw on whatever, and as long as they don’t smell like crap, they’re good to go.

Women resent this fact, but it goes even deeper. The women who spend an hour or more getting ready don’t like what they perceive as laziness, or a lack of effort, in men.

A woman may be like, “Damn, if he just spent 10 more minutes on himself, he could look twice as good…”

Unfiltered Bodily Noises

From snoring to farting to belching, women aren’t amused when the noises are coming from the men they love.

But it’s not just the noises themselves, it’s how men relish in making the sounds, even accentuating them like doing a “leg-lift” to fart.

Heads up, guys, what we find funny is often appalling to women.

One guy I know could belch the entire alphabet. I found it hilarious, but the guy had few (if any) lady friends in school.

When Men Check Out Other Women

This is something guys aren’t proud of, but when a woman walks by, it’s like a fish seeing a shiny object. We’re hopeless.

One time, when my wife caught me involuntarily checking out a woman, I tried to reassure her it was more like a reflex.

I tried to soothe the situation by saying that without such a reflex, I never would’ve found her (not sure that quelled the issue, but I think it made some sense to her).

Anyway, women know men can try harder to be mindful of their actions, so that’s we should aim to do.

Men Easily Pee Outside

This could be on the Things Men Secretly Do list, but guys love peeing outside. There’s something incredibly liberating about watering a tree with your own body.

Of course, women can do this too, it’s just a little more tricky and things can get, um … more messy.

It’s like this: try firing a gun without a barrel and see how straight those bullets fly…

Hogging the Remote

Men love sitting there holding onto the remote control (it’s kind of a phallic symbol, isn’t it?). Anyway, men generally aren’t watching cooking shows or romantic comedies, but rather sports, thrillers, financial news…

Women understand this, and many enjoy the same programming, but most are not amused when a guy spends hours watching sports but barely survives five minutes into a rom-com.

So, my wife got creative… She slowly weaned me from the remote, and now she’s usually the one wielding its power.


She leveraged the art of the back-scratch. At the end of a hard-working day, nothing soothes me like a good back-scratch. But the only way to get one is to hand over the remote.


Final Takeaways

In the end, it’s important for men to learn what annoys women, because we want our women to be happy.

Of course, another secret of men is that we do love some alone time, but we want that to be by choice. By learning what to avoid, men can spend more time with women without driving them crazy. 😘

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