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Things About Women That Annoy Men

Things About Women That Annoy Men

Sometimes We Love You More For What You’re Not

* Disclaimer: we’re all unique, so take with a grain of salt, and a dash of humor.

Women, we men love you to the moon and back, but sometimes you drive us crazy! And yes, we freely admit that we can be annoying too, as I’ve already shared.

The solution? To become aware of each other’s annoyances, so we can do what we love instead!

And a heads up: sometimes what we don’t do is more attractive than what we do. So here we go, as always gentle but candid … the juicy truth. ?

Women Take A Long Time Choosing What to Wear, Then Often Choose the Weirdest Option.

Actually this one is kind of cool, but that’s just my dumb opinion (see below). Photo by Engin Akyurt.

This happens a lot with my wife, and we laugh about it (up to a point…). She’ll set out several outfits, parade around in them, get my opinion (which usually doesn’t mean much). Then she’ll choose something that wasn’t even in the final cut, or the most ridiculous of the selection.

I’ve learned to just go along with the whole charade and act like she made the right choice (God forbid there’s any doubt).

It’s hilarious until we’re late going somewhere, then it’s annoying.

Women Keep A Literal Count of Men’s Wrongdoings.

Woman looking back angrily as a man drinks in a bar.
Man by John Arano modified. Woman by PrettySleepy modified.

“That’s the third time you mentioned her,” my wife said with brows raised.

Or another time: “This is the third day you woke up like a grumpy baby…”

Or one of the worst: “I mentioned dinner plans to you four times!”

No, my wife isn’t a nag. I’m usually guilty as charged, yet it’s still annoying there’s a numerical count of wrongdoings.

Why not just tell me the first time? “Hey, that sucked.”

Then it occurred to me, perhaps these are acts of mercy, like she’s actually counting how many times she’s forgiving me… Then, if I don’t catch on naturally and stop doing whatever, she’ll “Release the Kraken!”

Women Play both Bodyguard and Assassin to Men.

Woman holding a gun.
Jupi Lu

Women look out for their men and are always willing to stick up for them. If someone talks smack about their guy, she’ll have her guns ready, like his bodyguard. But if a woman thinks her man might be getting too close to another woman, she’ll have those same guns ready … for him.

Women Take Too Long to Order Food.

Allef Vinicius

In the old days, Men ordered for women. While it may seem a bit presumptuous these days, it was a sign of respect and honor. As for today, um, yeah women usually like to do that themselves.

And while it makes sense for her to order, does she need to get an oral history of each menu item from the waitress?

She’ll ask what other people like, or what the waitress likes, or what the favorite specials are. I’ll make an attempt to move things along. “Just get what you like, sweetheart.” But my attempt is always in vain, so I’ve stopped trying.

Finally, she orders. And what often happens next? She’ll stare at what she ordered and scratch her head. “Maybe I should’ve just gotten the Cobb Salad.” I try to feign a smile and stop my eyes from rolling into the back of my head.

Check it out, bros … when this happens just play along. Order the freaking Cobb Salad if necessary. You’ll rack up points you may need later, all just by simply not looking as annoyed as you actually are.

Women Use Their Feminine Wiles on a Guy, then Complain If He Falls for Her.

Perhaps a woman is just trying to get something she wants, so she bats her lashes, smacks her lips and flips her hair on some poor sucker.

He takes it the wrong way and lets her into his heart. Oops.

Hearts are a tricky thing… Things go into them quite easily, but don’t always come out.

So now there’s some dude in love with a woman who doesn’t love him back, which is annoying to her, and even more annoying for him.

Here’s the thing dudes, just like a guy, a woman will use every tool in her shed to her advantage. Just don’t fall for her unless she falls for you first. I know, that’s a tall order for the heart which doesn’t adhere to logic.

Women Don’t Deal with Rejection as Much as Men

A guy can’t find true romance without going through lots of rejection. Even the smoothest of operators will often get turned down (she really did have a headache).

However, women can simply wait for a guy to approach her, and then say “yes” or “no.”

But ladies take note, studies show that there’s an epidemic of single women, because many men are no longer are making the first move (due to gender-role confusion). So, it’s your turn…

When Women Assume All Men Are Evil.

Speaking of single women, many ladies chose that life. That’s fine unless their reason is because “all men are evil.” Then, there’s an issue.

I know men who are kinder, gentler, more altruistic, self-sacrificing and even intuitive than the amazing women I know.

On the same hand, I’ve met women cold-hearted enough to freeze a pond with a single glare. Good and evil aren’t gender exclusive. However, ideologies that demean entire genders, or any group, are evil.

When Women Hate on Other Women.

It’s surprising to guys, but women often compete far more fiercely than their male counterparts. The issue has been widely studied and the consensus is men in groups often look for commonalities, while women are quicker to find faults with each other and form cliques.

As a supporter of equality for all, I’d go so far as to say that we haven’t had a woman president because of other women hating on female candidates.

Watch news interviews carefully, and you’ll see it at play.

Psychologically, there could be a paradigm going on where women have been tragically downtrodden to the point that they now over-compete with each other. That’s just an intuitive guess, but it makes sense.

“Girl power” aside, I’ve never seen competition more intense than woman versus woman. It’s perplexing and even annoying to us guys. “Can’t y’all just get along?”

When Women Cover Their Natural Beauty.

Jupi Lu

It’s interesting when some think makeup is a male conspiracy. Nah… That’s a female play all the way…

Women are always checking each other out and competing (see above). I’ve watched my wife and other women apply more makeup when going to see each other then when mingling with men.

The sad part is, I’ve seen beautiful women destroy their look with exceedingly-long fake eyelashes, too much goop everywhere and enough face-powder to pack a keg.

Of course, when done in moderation, a little makeup (along with that magic pixie dust men should never know about) can work wonders for attraction.

Like the Buddha said, it’s all about that middle road — balance. And like I said, too much of anything sucks.

When Women Don’t Realize Their Worth.

Couple watching the sunset on top of van.
Jupi Lu

It’s a myth that men seek weak women to be submissive. How boring.

We want someone who will challenge us, someone who knows their worth, to go on adventures, to be partners in crime.

Ironically, we want someone who can live without us! (but doesn’t want to).

We want a woman who walks and talks with confidence, who doesn’t care about the haters that come with being an assertive woman.

Confident people know that haters are actually lovers under the veil of envy.

Know your worth, it’s sexy as hell. ❤️‍?

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