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This “Law” Makes Your Desires Real — and it might actually work

This “Law” Makes Your Desires Real — and it might actually work

Presenting The “Law of Assumption“

This subconscious mind could be the greatest untapped source of human potential. Simply put: what we believe subconsciously often comes to pass. Mystics like to call this manifestation.

Manifestation involves 3 stages:

  1. Wishing for something.
  2. Asking for it.
  3. Expecting to get it.

Number 3 is the tricky part, and where our subconscious usually fails us. You see, if we don’t believe we’re actually going to get something, we send off the wrong signals, that actually prevent us from getting it.

That’s where the “Law of Assumption” comes in. If you assume you already have something, you’re going to live and breathe and function as if you have that thing. That makes the odds of actually gaining it rise exponentially.

It’s the same thing we hear in the “Rich Dad/Poor Dad” scenario. The Rich Dad simply thought like a wealthy person, and manifested that reality.

Let’s take it to a romantic level…

Let’s say you like someone, a lot… Using the Law of Assumption, you assume that other person already likes you. Suddenly, you will speak to them with great candor, allowing them to see your vulnerable side because you assume they like every part of you. And even if they don’t return your affection, you’ll assume it’s just because they’re in a bad mood or must be confused at the moment.

You continue expressing your words and actions as if they want you too. With enough patience and consistency, they may begin to actually do just that.

Going beyond the “danger”

The danger with the Law of Assumption is in the word “assume” itself. Many have heard the phrase, “Don’t assume or you’ll make an ass out of you and me” (a play on words as “ass,” “u,” and “me” are in “assume”).

And that’s what stops most people from ever trying this law. They’ve been taught to never assume.

Well, with the Law of Assumption, we go beyond the fear of looking like an ass.

We go forward as if everything we want is already ours, regardless of how stupid that may look to others. Why? Because that same type of person who judges us harshly is usually the one preventing us from getting what we want. So screw the judges, screw the haters, this is your life!

Check it out: we can start to see all obstacles, “dark energy” and people’s bad attitudes as things to simply step around, not things to stop us.

Let’s take it to more spheres

If you assume you already have a job when you go into an interview, you just might convince the subconscious mind of the boss that you are the right one for the job.

If you’re a content creator, and you assume you’re an intelligent being with good things to share, you’ll post without worrying about criticism or judgment. You’ll assume everybody will love what you do, and in time, more people will love what you do than if you assumed they didn’t.

In fact, most people get the Law of Assumption backwards. They assume that people won’t like them or won’t like what they do, so they freeze and do nothing.

It’s much better to get downright delusional and assume the entire world loves you and everything you do, because you will do more for others and give back more than if you were to take a negative stance.

So, tell yourself beautiful lies if you have to, until they come true.