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Throw Away Your Hair Products

Throw Away Your Hair Products

No More Gels and Sprays. Just Nature…

I love Mother Nature, how she takes care of us better than “products” from a lab. I’m also a minimalist, appreciating one-ingredient wonders that do the work of many.

That’s what led me to turn to a common household item to contain my unruly hair. But better hair was just the beginning of the benefits…

I liked how this ingredient felt, how there was no chemical residue, and how it kept my hair from going into full-on mop mode.

After some years using it, I also noticed I had less gray hair than my brother who is two years younger than me.

Hmm, I thought. Could it be?

Here’s what I use, and how do I use it…

The author, Joe Moody.
The author after a little soap and olive oil.

I’m talking about a natural substance you probably already have in your kitchen: olive oil.

After I shower, I dry my hair a bit with a towel but leave it damp. Then, I pour a few drops in one hand, and rub my hands together to warm up the oil. After that, I simply smooth my fingers through my damp hair, following up with a quick brush.

Hair done in about 15 seconds.

I rub the remaining oil into my hands, or on my lips or … heck, I could eat it if I want. That’s what’s great about it.

This is an ingredient I can pronounce, an ingredient I can trust, an ingredient I can digest.

If you think about it, each single ingredient is a masterpiece of Mother Nature. Problems arise when humans fuse the ingredients in strange ways. While I love technology, when it comes to what I put on me, I try to stick with the ingredients that make up my body: the elements of Earth.

What about washing hair?

Being a minimalist, I simply use Everyone 3-in-1 Soap which cleans my body and hair naturally without stinging my eyes or leaving weird residue. It smells great too! While my hair is still damp, I apply the oil as described above.

Choose organic.

Olive oil poured into a glass bowl next to some olives.
Steve Buissinne

As lab concoctions like pesticides might seep into the oil, it’s best to use organic olive oil. I’d never want pesticides on my hair which can go into my scalp which will go through my pores and, well, become part of me.

Ensure your skin’s not allergic.

My wife can eat olive oil all day, but if she rubs some on her hands, they break out and get itchy. That’s a good way to test to see if your skin likes olive oil first. If not, try sesame oil. My wife uses sesame oil instead and has no reaction. Both are recommended by the oldest existing healing system on the planet: Ayurveda.

Do these benefits stand up to science?

From what I researched, science can’t confirm olive oil prevents graying, but it does show protection against sun damage, it can even heal damaged hair.

Olive oil is also shown to fight infection and could improve the circulation in the scalp, which could strengthen the follicles and make hair softer with an extra sheen.

There’s more good “side effects” of olive oil.

The great thing about using natural products is the side effects are usually more like fringe benefits. For instance, with a little research I discovered olive oil’s other benefits.

  • Olive oil replenishes the body supply with good fats.
  • The oil is filled with antioxidants and is also an anti-inflammatory.
  • Olive oil could save your life. A study found it was the only source of fat shown to reduce instances of stroke and heart disease. One way this magical oil does this is by helping to prevent blood clots.
  • Studies have shown olive oil helps prevent Alzheimer’s, diabetes and even cancer.

Know any hair products that do all that? I sure don’t. So, I’ll keep on using it, knowing it’s grown by the gentle hands of Mother Earth herself.

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