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Try This New Mindfulness Game: The Pause Challenge

Try This New Mindfulness Game: The Pause Challenge

It’s Pretty Hard, But Very Rewarding

Are you often in a hurry? Do you feel in a frenzy when there’s a lot going on?

Then maybe it’s time to try what I call, “The Pause Challenge.”

“What’s that?” you might ask.

Before answering, I take a conscious breath and pause … (That’s it!)

That’s right, this challenge simply involves taking a pause between actions.

Between speaking, between each bite of food, between reacting, between writing each sentence, between changing gears from one activity to another.

The power of the pause is “space” — that grossly underestimated force that can bring balance and peace to our daily activities.

An example of how a pause can make the mundane magical

Thirsty? Instead of grabbing a glass from the kitchen cabinet, swooping it under the faucet, filling it up and chugging it down, I try to do this instead:

First, the idea for a glass of water arises in my mind. Pause.

I go to the kitchen. Pause.

I open the cabinet and admire the glassware. Pause.

I choose and glass and lift it from the cabinet. Pause, as I admire the texture and design of the glass.

I go to the faucet. Pause, suddenly grateful I have access to clean water.

I fill the glass. Pause, acknowledging the life giving power of the water.

I lift the glass to my lips. Pause, noticing how nice the glass feels, how fresh the water tastes.

I drink the water slowly, noticing how it fills my stomach and quenches my thirst.

I set down the glass. Pause, noticing my breath, noticing how I feel refreshed after the drink. Noticing how I feel at peace.

Yesss… The Pause Challenge can turn even drinking water into an experience.

A Simple Pause = Peace

Adding space between actions, between words, between thoughts, adds balance, tranquility, insight, even inner peace.

AND If pausing can turn drinking a glass of water into an epiphany, just think what it can do with the rest of your day.