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Twitter Could Have Kept Elon Happy By Simply Doing This

Twitter Could Have Kept Elon Happy By Simply Doing This

Perhaps It’s Not Too Late?

Elon Musk and I have something in common, we believe “growing up” is a scam.

And it’s ironic that this guy who wants to fly a spaceship to Mars also happens to also be the richest man on Earth.

Why? Because what appears wise to the worldly is foolishness to God, and what appears foolish to the worldly is wisdom to God…

Elon is a fun guy, and he’s very childlike, something I completely identify with. I tried giving up my childlike nature to be “normal,” it didn’t work out. Had I stayed normal, you wouldn’t be reading these words as I’d most likely be writing some tech jargon for an IT firm right now.

No, Elon Musk is a one-of-a-kind free spirit who follows his heart’s desires and has the money to make them real.

So, he set his heart on Twitter, the platform he apparently loves the most, as he uses it the most. Here was Twitter with an opportunity to get Earth’s richest dude onboard — a fun guy who could really brighten Twitter’s image and stock price…

But as we know, Elon had one perfectly legitimate concern… He wanted to know how much of Twitter’s traffic and revenue was from spam accounts (basically bots acting like real people).

Twitter claims they did everything they could to satisfy his inquiry, but perhaps it was how they did it which didn’t fare well.

They responded in lawyer-speak, making it seem like Twitter really did have a spam-bot problem and didn’t want to fess up…

Elon just wanted to know how much of Twitter were NPC’s (non-player characters). Things continued in this litigious manner with the childlike Elon until he’s finally pulling the plug, and now things are even more litigious with Twitter filing suit against Mr. Mars to stop the plug-pulling.

Wrong, wrong, wrong…

From the very get-go, Twitter should’ve realized a good tip from ancient Buddhists: become like a mirror to the person you want to connect with.

They should’ve respond to Elon’s childlike nature in similar fashion.


Twitter should’ve thrown an elaborate welcome party, complete with “Spambot reveals” and even games created to destroy spam-bots.

They should’ve welcomed Elon onboard like the fun dude that he is, and not like some threat to their hegemony.

Elon has enough money to buy his own country and make himself a king, but he lets himself get kicked around in these spats because he wants to “play along” and make the world better. I actually believe he does, because that’s how children think, until the world lashes them enough that they conform or escape.

But if things continue along this rocky road, Elon may find himself like Trump who had to create Truth Social. What could Elon’s be called? Here’s some thoughts:

Doge Social
Electric Avenue
Tesla Town
Teflon Elonverse
or perhaps after his kid:
X Æ A-12

You be you, Elon. The world needs the laughter, and the reminder that to be childlike is actually the wisest way.