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Use These 3 Affirmations for Better Life and Love

Use These 3 Affirmations for Better Life and Love

What You Say to Yourself Means Everything

I recently wrote about a “magic phrase” that can manifest your dreams and help you become your higher self: “How does it get better than this?”

Well, here’s how… I’ve got three more phrases to help you on your path…

This first one can instill instant peace: “I was born whole. Everything else is just a bonus.”

This phrase sends us into a world of gratitude. Could it really be that every breath we take and every day we live is a bonus on top of the miracle of our birth? Yes! You won the race to the egg, and each new day you live is another win— full of opportunity and magic hidden in plain site.

The second affirmation is a doubt destroyer, and with enough repetition can rearrange our subconscious to realize we’re our own best friend: “I forgive myself, for ever doubting myself.”

We are used to forgiving others for their trespasses. Well, when you forgive yourself for any lack of self-confidence, you subconsciously equate doubt with sin!

What a great way to realize doubts only hold us back and cause us to miss what life’s all about. It’s true, we are our own best friends, but with the wrong affirmations, we’re our own worst enemies.

This last one flips expectations on their head: “I owe it to myself to make it to the next level.”

Our life is so full of expectations from others, we always seem to be at someone’s beck and call or owing someone something…

But who really deserves our attention? We do, of course! If we don’t work on evolving our character, who will? And what kind of person does that leave our loved ones?

This powerful affirmation reminds us we’re in debt to ourselves, and the only way to pay that debt is to make it to the next level.

So, instead of filling ourselves with expectations from others, we answer to our own self. After all, if we make it to the “next level” (whatever that may be) it’ll greatly benefit those who interact with us.

Ironically, sometimes being selfish is the most selfless thing we can do, because improving ourselves allows us to better serve others.

Final thoughts

Affirmations aren’t just to say once and ponder. That’s what the conscious mind does… Instead, repeat them like a song to get them into the subconscious mind. So much of our reality is formed by subconscious beliefs, and affirmations shift those beliefs to be in our favor.

How does it get better than this?