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Warning: This May Cause Self-Realization

Warning: This May Cause Self-Realization

The Formula is So Direct, It Might Actually Work!

Most of us are walking around with a cluttered subconscious mind, filled with conflicting worries and desires. It’s what make us humans so “complicated.”

But there’s a way back to simplicity, to clarity, to joy…

Just last night, after a mentally exhausting day, I discovered an ancient yogic technique that cleanses the subconscious.

I decided to try it, and guess what, I had a profound experience, shedding stress like layers of clothing. I also had an amazing rest afterward.

Here’s what happens…

This technique purifies our attachments to things that are “not us.” By the process of eliminating what’s false, we may suddenly find ourselves staring at our true selves.

The meditation is called Shuddi, which in Sanskit means “cleansing” or “purifying.”

The remarkably powerful technique was brought to light in our modern times by author J.C. Stevens in his book Kriya Secrets Revealed.

Previously, such techniques were only passed down in secret by a guru to a chosen few. But today, we are at the beginning of a new renaissance in arts, technology and spirituality.

As our world emerges from the darkness of a pandemic, spirituality has risen to the forefront in many peoples’ lives. Once tightly-held secrets now spread around the globe through the magic of the internet.

This means all kinds of ancient wisdom are coming to light, blending with and even explaining scientific innovations. What an exciting time to be alive!

The technique.

The meditation is all about becoming detached, which frees up our true essence to live the highest evolvement of our Soul.

I’ve added a little breathing exercise and visualization to prime the experience for the modern mind.

  1. Sit somewhere comfortably with your spine straight, and breathe through your nose. Notice how the air cools your nostrils as you inhale, and warms them as you exhale.
  2. Now, with eyes closed, allow your mind to wander. As each thought enters your consciousness, just say the word, “Detached” (silently or aloud).
  3. Each time you say, “Detached,” picture what you were thinking about floating away from you, as if contained in a bubble drifting out to space.
  4. You will begin to realize the thoughts don’t belong to you, that even the concepts and associations aren’t actually you. They are not your ultimate truth.


After you close your eyes, the thought of a red sports car you desire enters your mind… You think the word “detached” and see the car float away in a bubble…

No longer craving this material item, light of peace fills your mind instead.

Here’s some more:
An annoying person comes to your mind … detached.
A task you’re putting off … detached.
A group you want to be part of … detached.
Your sadness over a recent loss … detached.
Your desire for someone already taken … detached.
The expectations others place on you … detached.
All mental and social conditioning … detached.
All fears, worries and doubts … detached.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, there’s a pause in the stream of thoughts and you feel bliss filling your being… You see yourself as if floating above your body looking down. You see the colors of your aura…

You just had a glimpse of self-realization.

In his book, Stevens says you might be bombarded by a ton of thoughts at first. But that’s great, as it means you’re successfully doing the work of cleaning the subconscious. Thoughts that are allowed to surface can then be purged through conscious detachment.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting…

If you do this meditation long enough, you will begin to realize that nothing you “know” is actually you. You’ll see that you are actually The Knower, the silent self witnessing the thoughts, reactions and lives orbiting around you.

After more devotion to practice, you may even realize that you are not your body or your limited mind. You’ll see how your consciousness extends far beyond those states into the cosmos…

You’ll realize that you belong to everything and nothing, that you are nothing “out there” yet one with everything, all at once.

The author says that when “you experience few or no thoughts and you remain detached, including from the thought of detachment, then you are in a very pure state of silence. You are on the threshold of Samadhi. With practice, moments of pure rapture will follow.”

Samadhi is the most powerful state of concentration gained through deep meditation, regarded by yogis as the final state of merging with divinity. It’s so powerful, yogis often experience it just before death.

But we don’t have to die physically to experience this. All we have to do is begin to detach ourselves from our thoughts, our belongings, everything we think we “own” and everything we think is “us.”

But we don’t have to give everything up, we are just surrendering our attachment, allowing things to come and go with the flow of the universe.

With enough practice, you will realize you are a spirit fast-flying through space-time on a cosmic garden.

Then finally, you may see how you’re co-creating your own existence along with the same Source behind the Big Bang itself. 🌠

ps: even if you don’t hit self-realization right away, this technique is a great way to relax after a long day, to detach from all except our true essence. 🙏

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