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What a “Vax-Only” Event Is Really Like…

What a “Vax-Only” Event Is Really Like…

Welcome to the 21st Century, May I Check Your Bloodstream?

The crescent moon beamed over the crystalline Chicago skyline. We sped through the city’s veins until we reached the heart of Lincoln Park.

Surrounded by trendy eateries overflowing with people both masked and unmasked, a breeze off Lake Michigan cooled the sunbaked streets.

We were lucky to find a metered parking spot not far from Lincoln Hall, a classic yet cutting-edge theater founded in 1912 (and would survive the Spanish Flu 7 years later).

As a venue that’s already been through multiple pandemics and World Wars, they were playing it extra safe this late summer night in 2021.

At the door, Lincoln Hall staff not only confirmed our ID, but they asked us to mask up and, yeah, checked our proof of vaccination.

For the first time in history, we’re being asked to prove what’s in our bloodstream to enter an establishment.

I wasn’t sure what to make of this. Fortunately, I had a heads-up from another friend that many concert venues are now requiring proof of vaccination, so I was ready with my card.

I must admit, there was a different feeling being in this crowd injected with a serum that made us more safe. Maybe it was just my novel-writing mind running amok, but I envisioned a potential Netflix Series, “Vaxxed.”

In the series, when the band starts playing, we all start dancing trance-like in perfect sync. “It must be the vax!” someone shouts. Joking aside, if anything the vax that night just made us more “normal.”

However, I couldn’t help but feel slightly bothered by the politics, that everybody in this room had to agree on something to be here. I love America for our diversity. But for many, this goes beyond politics.

Is a Vaxxed Concert Different?

Not really. But this happened to be a special show. Blu DeTiger is a 23-year-old blonde skilled bassist with Jimmy Hendrix’s energy and passion. Her band and their modern sound enthralled the crowd.

Almost everyone wore masks, except people with active drinks. That didn’t surprise me, as these are already people who took the proactive step of getting vaxxed.

My wife and I have been to plenty of live shows of all age groups and genres, and this was truly a class act.

I think the good vibe had less to do with the vaxxed status of the crowd. and more to do with gratitude for being at a live show at all, and a great one at that.

Making the Most of these Times…

A year ago venues like this were all shuttered, just like our minds in ways. So, every moment of connection with others is to be valued, even if filtered.

As for requiring vaxxed audiences, I’m not going to fault concert venues for running things the way they want. I think the market can decide if it’s a bad idea or not.

However, I do feel bad for those who felt left out for whatever reason. As this debate about vaxxing and safety rages worldwide, I know not to judge people either way, as that doesn’t help anything.

These are murky waters were treading… May we all go through them gracefully and remember our similarities more than our differences.

After all, we’re making history, so why not leave behind some love instead of hate along the way?