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What I Miss After Switching to an iPhone 13 … and What I Love

What I Miss After Switching to an iPhone 13 … and What I Love

Sometimes, I Actually Can’t Tell Them Apart

After years of comparing the two, I decided to switch from the Samsung Galaxy series to an iPhone 13.

Many wonder why I didn’t switch before, as I’m Mac-based. But I’m also a web developer for my day job, and android just allowed a lot more customizations for a dev-head.

The main reason I switched to iPhone is I finally had to try it. I like to “know” tech first-hand.

Also, the iPhone has features I’ve never experienced, stuff as simple (and silly) as clicking “like” on someone’s text post.

Android users know well what it’s like when when iPhone users do that.

Jane liked: “Some giant message repeated.”

What I Love

  • I feel like the iPhone’s camera has finally come of age. The pictures I take with this thing are amazing! I’m still figuring out how everything works, but the color and focus have been pretty outstanding. I heard that Apple hired something like 400 developers to get their camera to this level, so kudos. 🎉 (btw Samsung still does an amazing job with their cameras).
  • The apps also load and run smoother. Things fade out as something else fades in. This is pretty cool.
  • It’s just a beautiful device, Apple has always known how to make technology like an art form. This one does not disappoint.
  • The display is brilliant, colors are vibrants.
  • The built-in speaker is actually pretty great, and stereo?
  • The widget area is pretty useful, but nothing thrilling.
  • I love how there’s a little silent mode switch, though it confused me at first and I’d wonder why the hell my phone wasn’t making any noises… Now that I figured it out, I think it’s a brilliantly simple (and physical) way to tune out distractions when needing some true chill time.

Some things I miss:

  • Google’s swipe and speech-to-text work better for me. These are major things that I use constantly, more than the camera, and hopefully is iPhone’s next mega-focus for a software update.
  • I can’t click a phone icon within a text message to call that person … on my new uncustomized iPhone 13.
  • Icon’s don’t “stick” where I put them, but always want to “push to the first screen.” Is there really no toggle button for that?
  • I miss easily being able to quit all the apps at once. Is that possible or do I really have to always “swipe up” every single one? Samsung made this so easy…
  • Google maps as primary navigation was better…

All in all…

I am happy with my choice though I have to admit I still use my Samsung for various tasks (that can function just over wifi).

I think Apple should get 400 developers to work on their speech-to-text technology and Siri. “Hey Google” simply works better on both fronts.

Siri shouldn’t send people over to the web so often. Why not make Siri truly like an AI being? Why tell people to go to the Web for a question as simple as, “How do you turn off?”

Samsung and Apple both make sexy phones.

And as a person who loves learning about technology, it’s great to know both of these amazing devices firsthand.

So, keep having fun with these little miracles and don’t forget, do a routine before hitting the screen… Your body and mind will thank you. 🙏