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What You’re Missing About Basic Attraction

What You’re Missing About Basic Attraction

Take a Picture Before and While Doing This…

Over the ages, few human desires can compete with the yearning to be more beautiful.

Go to a big-box store and look at the aisle devoted to beauty, or should I say look at the aisles.

And it’s not just women, men are more tuned into this yearning than most of us would care to admit.

In fact, pretending not to care is one way men are taught to be more attractive.

Many women will complain about the time it takes them to become more beautiful, but like men they’re not completely fessing up either. There’s a certain pleasure in becoming more beautiful.

Our entire economy revolves around a desire to be hot

Look at the gyms and the spas and every clothing store and makeup store, and how everything is packaged and sold on the basis of love/sex/desire.

But what about the psychiatrists trying to bring beauty to the mind. How about the priests, rabbis, yogis and other teachers bringing beauty to the spirit?

You didn’t think we were going to go there when we were talking about something superficial like beauty, did you?

It Goes Way Deeper Than We’d Ever Imagine

I’m not here to sell some cream or lotion with an affiliate link that’ll make me $0.20 if you buy it.

In fact, you can’t buy this because again it comes down to the fact that the best things truly are free (if you don’t believe, you haven’t experienced the best things properly yet).

And I’m not even going to tell you the age-old advice to just smile, which does give you an instant face-lift and does make you more attractive. Smiles also help release endorphins as you just tricked it into thinking you’re happy. But we’re still heading deeper.

Most people get backwards how form comes to be.

A yogi will say form first manifests in the spiritual world, then through the mental level, and then finally into the gross realm of the physical. Quantum science is beginning to understand this too, but they use different words.

Thoughts are a perfect example, you have a thought in your head before it becomes a physical action.

It starts in those unseen realms before it manifests physically. If there are physical issues, go to the spiritual to solve them properly at the root. Same with mental.

SO, This is a mental trick.

Here it is…







Notice I didn’t say someone, because people are complicated in the emotions can be mixed. Just think about something you straight up love.

Connecting with the realm of love flows into a much more natural smile than just trying to plant one on your face. But even more, it radiates a happy glow throughout the entire body. Watch what it does to your essence, what some might call the aura.

You can buy all the creams, clothes and gels to your heart’s content, but if you’re attitude is off, your game is off. Thinking about something you love keeps you from ever looking “thirsty” (gen-z for desperate).

You are now playing five-dimensional game of attraction.

Who’da thought you could glow-up with just a thought?