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What’s Your Soul Mission?

What’s Your Soul Mission?

Here’s a few ways to find out…

A key to our soul mission relates to our birth: when, where and to whom all matter.

My birth was a bit odd, as my American parents were overseas in Taiwan while my Dad finished his schooling. So, I was officially “Made in Taiwan” (the joke never seems to get old).

Among all the newborns kicking their feet in the hospital’s baby room, I was easily spotted among my Taiwanese birth-mates.

But even though I soon left Asia, Asia never really left me. Eastern insights always drew me in, finding ways to balance body, mind, and soul.

Three is the Magic Number

We are made up of body, mind and soul. Ideally, they’re in balance, supporting each other.

Of course, the body usually gets the most attention, followed by the mind and then (if ever): the soul

Some may already be scoffing, saying science hasn’t proven the existence of a soul. But if we waited for science to prove things before we could experience them, we’d miss out on the essence of life itself.

Eckhart Tolle said we often speak from the vantage point of the soul without realizing it. How many times do we say “my” body aches, or “my” mind is exhausted? Well, who is this observer that claims ownership over both the body and mind? The soul.

The soul is the witness taking in our experiences, always observing, and in quiet times if we listen, offering great insight. The soul is also our closest aspect to our Source, Divine Creator, God.

That means to get in touch with our soul allows us to be more in touch with God.

But society doesn’t usually reward us for getting in touch with our soul. Rarely is that a job requirement, or graded in school.

But there’s a benefit to this isolation, for the soul is the least polluted by society, worldly expectations and conditioning (what we’re told is “normal”). The soul is the “Knower” our minds glimpse in moments of intuition, epiphany and foresight. It’s connected to all and therefore compassionate to all.

Your Soul is Unique yet United with Others

Growing up in America’s heartland, it’s no surprise I’m a Christian, but not in the superficial sense.

I’m just going to be straight up here… I truly believe our Divine Source chose a moment in history to incarnate through a Woman of Amazing Grace. This “Son of God” would lead the world to a higher level of consciousness, embracing forgiveness, love for all (even our “enemies”) and a clear path to salvation. I believe this Messiah of the Soul is still very active in the world today, especially with those who take the “leap of faith” to be closer to Him.

I also believe the original Christian faith is more encompassing and accepting than most realize. For instance, God guided magi from the East to the birthplace of His Son. These Eastern mystics not only knew to follow the sign in the heavens, but were entrusted to bring gifts to this King of Kings. The mystics were even warned in a dream that this new king was in danger and not to reveal his whereabouts to the current leader of the day.

The big mistake many made around the year 0 was expecting Jesus to be an earthly savior instead of a soul savior. Many wanted him on an earthly throne, taming Rome, not elevated at the right hand of God in the spiritual world.

Jesus even predicted many would misuse his name for worldly gain (by the way, never let your faith be decided by those who have misused his name).

Also, in Jesus own words, he welcomed all good souls, saying he will welcome many into his kingdom who never heard of him, because whenever they helped the less fortunate, they helped Him.

I Believe in the Win-Win Philosophy

Society teaches us to divide more than to unite. To have a winner, we must have a loser. This is totally wrong, and causes many people to shy away from other traditions or foreign philosophies, but to their loss. After all, we’re all riding the same spherical spaceship. Who is really foreign?

That’s where my soul mission comes into play. Born in the East, Eastern practices never seemed foreign to me. I’d more wonder why everyone wasn’t taught some of the more basic stuff in school, like how to stretch the body and breathe properly for optimum health, which allows us to be greater spiritual warriors.

Basic meditation and breath work aren’t religions, they’re exercises to calm and clear the mind and body to be more receptive to the spirit. Just like folding our hands in prayer has been done by many religions over many thousands of years, what matters is who we pray to.

If we look at things how they are and not how others say they should be, traditions like Buddhism and Christianity can coexist quite well. Just ask Phil Jackson, who describes himself as a “Zen-Christian.” Phil won six championships with the Chicago Bulls and five with the Lakers. He’s the only coach to win multiple titles for two teams (Get it? Two teams … Buddhism and Christianity).

I believe we can benefit from the healthy practices of the East and the brilliant fear-conquering faith of the West, a true win-win.

So, How Do You Find Your Soul Mission?

The map is within, and the first signpost on the journey says: Just chill.

“Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalms 46:10)

When the loud ego-voice calms down, we can better hear the quiet voice of the soul. I recently read a Yogi tea bag declaring, “Breath is the voice of the soul.” So, maybe that’s a good place to start, to find a quiet moment and just listen to your breath.

It’s not only good for you (reducing stress), but helps quiet the ego’s demanding voice. This allows you to more clearly hear your intuition, your deeper perceptions, your Soul.

Also, notice what you do in quiet moments alone, like on a lazy Sunday afternoon. What brings light to your heart? How can that be of service to others?

For me, like many others on Medium, it’s writing. So, I know part of my mission is to write for the benefit of others.

To believe we each have a soul mission is not radical, the Hindus and Buddhists both speak of souls given tasks or challenges to overcome in this life, as well as gifts to share with others.

The Christian tradition speaks to how we should use the talents God gives us, share our unique spiritual gifts, love and serve our Creator and others. In Judaism, Proverbs tells us, “A man’s gift makes room for him.”

I admit, I still have a long way to go on my soul journey, but I’ve found two of biggest questions to take you closer…

What are your gifts?

How can they empower others in a way that serves God?

Discovering the answers for yourself can take you down the bright path to your Soul Mission.

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