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Why Are So Many Good Women Single?

Why Are So Many Good Women Single?

A Look At the Naked Numbers

There are more educated women than ever. There are also more single women than ever.

Is that bad? No, but that didn’t stop my wife from asking me the question after she met yet another charming woman looking for love.

Make no mistake, something is happening… In the year 2000, there were 26 million singles in the USA. By 2020, that number rocketed to 36 million.

Certainly many choose this status, but many more would like otherwise.

The Naked Numbers

For the women, data appears to show a lack of educated, available men.

For the men, data suggests they’re confused about whether women like them.

Men can be really smart at a vast array of fields. Look at Einstein, or Plato, or that guy who wins at Jeopardy a lot. But many men can be clueless when it comes to romance.

We can ascertain that many men are a bit lost on this front from the “most popular question on the internet” (from the popular site, Quora).

Is the most popular question how to get rich? or promoted? or lose weight?


The most popular question on Quora is some form of: “Does she like me?”

That’s crazy, right? Men are trying really hard to read these signals from women, so much that they turn to Quora to find out if she likes them.

Why not ask the woman?

Well, down into the rabbit hole we a’go…

Did Feminism Destroy the Dating Game?

The question, “Why are so many good women single?” alone could raise brows, as if women are expected to be in a relationship more than men. This is becoming less the case, and besides a woman asked me the question who sincerely wanted my take.

The first thing I can say about my fellow fellows is most wish they knew today’s woman wants.

Open a door for a woman, a country girl might give you a warm smile while an aggressive city girl may glare (btw men, instead of being insulted, take it as valuable info. And what do I do? Always open the door, for a man or woman).

Gender roles are transforming. Women can navigate better the ambiguous waters. Men can easily get lost.

Never-seen-before questions now arise in a guy’s mind like: Am I being too masculine? Too feminine? Don’t women like a macho man? Or is that now public enemy number one?

This doesn’t make for a very confident man!

BTW, to my bros, there’s really only one stance: be open, honest and willing to learn. That’s the best advice I can give. We can’t blame feminism, we must adapt to our times or go extinct like any other species.

For Women, There’s a Shortage of Men, Which Somehow Means “Wild Times”?

There’s less men than women, period. What’s more, a study of millenials showed that for every 4 women who graduate college, only 3 men graduate. That’s a 25% gap in educated men.

That shapes the behavior for both men and women, and not in a good way.

Jon Birger, author of DATE-ONOMICS, when so far as to review the dating environments of 35 large public and private colleges. He told NBC, “The consensus is clear. When men are in oversupply, the dating culture is more traditional and more monogamous.”

But when women are in oversupply — as they are today among millennial college grads, “the dating culture is less monogamous and more libertine; women are more likely to be treated as sex objects rather than as romantic love interests,” Birger said.

“What I found is that those colleges that are either fifty-fifty or are disproportionately male have much more traditional dating cultures,” Birger explained. “Whereas the schools that are 60% or more female tend to have the wildest hookup cultures.”

  • Note the study followed college students as they’re easier to track.

If Women Want Power, Now They Can Wield It

Birger said women’s newfound power combined with this information can turn things in their favor.

“Once millennial daters understand why the culture is the way it is, they’ll be in a better position to do something about it. Just because today’s dating culture undervalues monogamy, that does not mean you can’t go against the grain,” Birger said.

He encourages women to make the first move if someone catches your interest, as confidence is a strong attractor.

As feminism is here to help level the playing field, women can no longer wait for men to make the first move as was the habit for millennia.

The author said, “women who are willing to make the first move with men have a huge advantage.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Many women choose to be single for a variety of reasons, as do many men. But hopefully these findings level the playing field for those looking for love.

As the most attractive thing a person can be is happy (focusing on the positive), this actually boosts the chances you’ll find someone (if that’s what you’re after). Either way, it’s a brave new world that can become your oyster when you’re ready.

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