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Your Intuition Is Just a Visual Away

Your Intuition Is Just a Visual Away

Imaginative Ways to Open Your “Third Eye”

People often claim the “third eye” is this mystical thing, but it’s really quite natural to be able to close your eyes and see the future and solutions to all humanity’s problems. Well, not quite.

But, the third eye is natural and has a scientific explanation.

It’s called the pineal gland. It literally looks like a small eye at the center of your head. Yogis believe the point at the center of your brow just above your eyebrows is one portal for this inner eye (the other is at the back of your head above your neck).

Photo by Chris Keller of the Buddha.

One website explains, “The pineal gland was described as the Seat of the Soul by Renee Descartes and it is located in the center of the brain.” As far as scientists know, “The main function of the pineal gland is to receive information about the state of the light-dark cycle from the environment and convey this information to produce and secrete the hormone melatonin.”

However, mystics say that this is where intuition lives and altered states of consciousness can be reached, thus the “Seat of the Soul.”

Some Ways To Nurture Your Intuitive Powers

If we focus on the point between our brows, and activating that area to gain access to our intuition, then here’s a few ideas that I found effective.

Dancing Indigo Lights

Pictures sparkling indigo blue lights dancing around the center of your brow, then picture them emanating all the way back to the center of your head. It not only instills a warm familiar feeling, you’re activating your deeper intuition and may experience déjà vu.

Conscious Tapping

Take your index finger and middle finger and put them together, and lightly tap the center of your forehead a few times. I do this sometimes when I’m confused or stressed and just need to get my center back mentally.

Breath Awareness

Pause and listen to your breath, this immediately calms down the mental chatter and wandering of the “monkey mind,” and allows your deeper intuition to speak. Your breath is often called the Voice of Your Soul. Let it speak soothing vibrations.

Eye-Opening Visualization

Close your eyes and picture your third eye opening, make it playful and fun. The inner eye isn’t full of fear like the physical eyes can be at times. Yogis believe this eye is connected to the higher self who knows you are a soul on a cosmic journey that is much greater than your mind can understand.

Breathe In the Intuition

Close your eyes and gently inhale through your nose, but picture the air coming in through the back of your head (where your neck and head meet) below that boney part. Yogis believe this is where consciousness can enter.

Picture a cosmic blue light coming in through that area and filling up your head and your brow area. Maybe you inhale the entire sparkling galaxy, it’s up to you. Then, exhale gently, letting the blue light dissipate.

Sometimes I’ll look at a lake or a mountain or some beauty in nature, and I’ll inhale the visual of that beautiful image, literally picturing it going through the back of my head and into my mind’s eye, my consciousness.

I think the back-of-the-head method works because it bypasses a lot of the programming and conditioning that our mind has gone through over the ages. This takes it through a primal channel and yet there it appears right in your consciousness.

Since practicing these techniques more, I’ve become a better writer, recently writing two viral stories in one day (first time ever)! Not sure if this is the sole cause, but it definitely hasn’t hurt.

May you awaken your intuition and perhaps realize your soul mission. 🙏