The Mood
Zap Negative Thoughts, Just Like That

Zap Negative Thoughts, Just Like That

4 Tricks I Use to Stay Glowed Up

We all probably heard the phrase that you can be your best friend or worst enemy. Well, here’s some tricks for the inner friend.

Blue Delight
First, imagine whatever it is bothering or scaring you… Then, imagine it transforming to a blue puff of smoke and blowing away in the wind. Blue is a great color as it calms us while cooling heated emotions.

The Thought Bubble
Imagine the situation that worries you, or the unkind words someone said, whatever. Then, imagine it floating out your head, contained in a bubble. You could then pop the bubble with a laugh, but I find it’s more soothing to just let it drift away.

Flip The Story
I often find myself imagining the worst-case scenario on things. I guess it’s a protective measure to prepare me for the worst, but really it does more damage than good as it causes stress. And stress is like the most unhealthy food we can eat.

So what I found is if I’m imagining some worst case scenario, suddenly flip it like a storyteller and make it the best possible ending. Make it fantastic, amazing and fun, just go for it. Beats imagining tragic outcomes everytime!

The Cool Glass of Water
No matter how glitzy or great someone seems, we are all humans facing obstacles and untold struggles. Next time you’re tempted by anger, just realize the person who angered you is struggling in some way. While stress is like unhealthy food, anger is like poison. Instead, drink some forgiveness which is like a cool glass of spring water.